It’s Hell !! We Just Don’t feel So

06 Sep

Pain everywhere !! It feels like a I was sleeping upside down. My neck my back  all hurts from time to time even my eyes burning and tearing, I had nothing to do about It, I didn’t any positive step to deal with It I keep ignore It Thinking that… No !!! Not thinking I wasn’t thinking at all, because I become addicted to this situation just stiking my nose in front of the PC’s screen .

I know that’s not only my suffering It’s also yours if We don’t start healing our selves from now! I can sure you : “IT WILL BE TOO LATE ” and I mean with that a Chronic Pain that will end till You Die… So I decided to make a step and if you like to fallow that will be your turning point.

After Searching And Getting Some Advises ,Healing Steps Go Like This :

  • Staying in shape : physical fitness It’s about practise sport every day like lifting weights Jogging, Pushing exercises that’s warm up your neck,back,and be able to see the sun light. And a lot more to serve your self very well.
  • Give your mind a break : Stay away from the screen Hang out with your friends, meet your cousins, your uncles.  Cause if You get stuck in that Pixel-world You’ll have a difficulty dealing with the real world and not allowing yourself to be a social member of your own life, Even little problems can get You mad or comit suicide !! and that’s a science fact cause you just didn’t used to the real world.
  • Take a rest : Relax make your self used to relaxing not to be a lazy one but to do your best, even I as a graphics designer when I’m feeling good or falling a sleep the ideas start flows to me so I decided to keep my cellphone next to me to text them and save them and the after day apply them.

Be A Healthy Person Cause That Will Helps A Lot

You may wonder why I’m doing this ?! Well Guess what this blog called DZign For Good

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Posted by on September 6, 2010 in iNFO


One response to “It’s Hell !! We Just Don’t feel So

  1. kechacha mohamed

    September 7, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    quite yes, I totally agree, I already have started to suffer


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