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Remove Your Fear Of Facing The World !

This Topic Came Out From One Of My Life’s experiences, Please Kids Don’t Do That At Home hhh 😀 I Don’t Want You To Get Your Self In Situations That You Wouldn’t Come Out From ! This Pain Felt So Good Till I Was Addicted To It 😦 , But “Heureusement” I’m Done With It 🙂

The fear of facing the world, and trying to be alone as much as you can, or considering the idea that you can live fine with your self without a need for any one. It’s a human nature ! Read the rest of this entry »

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My Reply To “a Julian Assange quote”

Here’s The Original Topic


Mark Zuckerberg Deserves billions of dollars and the name of man of any year ! This topic came out from jalousie …. Come’On Facebook was just a goddamn idea nothin’ more, Read the rest of this entry »


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