Remove Your Fear Of Facing The World !

02 Mar

This Topic Came Out From One Of My Life’s experiences, Please Kids Don’t Do That At Home hhh 😀 I Don’t Want You To Get Your Self In Situations That You Wouldn’t Come Out From ! This Pain Felt So Good Till I Was Addicted To It 😦 , But “Heureusement” I’m Done With It 🙂

The fear of facing the world, and trying to be alone as much as you can, or considering the idea that you can live fine with your self without a need for any one. It’s a human nature !

Cut To Tha Chase :

But getting rid of is also a human nature. You have no idea how fun living a social day everyday of your life is ! I don’t know meet some girls/boys if you’re not interested in boys/girls .The Source of this very common “Pain” is your mind, That create illusionist walls to live between’em.Free your mind, face your fears I bet you love adventures so make it a challenge everyday, Stop hiding behind *masks*. maybe you’re afraid of people talking behind you, you know what ?! F*** people ! they ain’t doing a little goddamn thing to ya ! Let’em see ya, love ya … be unpredictable.

You always beLIEve and feel like that you are in torture, but you don’t know is that also the pure creation of your fragile mind that you can’t control, the mind that i’m talking about is that who shows you the fiction that you are weak and you don’t have the enough of COURAGE To deal with people ! so you start
discriminating your self that you’re nothing in this life.

People seems like they don’t pay attention to you, thet don’t say Hi ! They don’t look at you … so you start wishing the sudden death to your self, so people will turn there heads to you after it’s too late ! NOTiCiNG that when you reach your goal ( make people paying attention to you ) You’ll be”underground”.so we conclude here that ” The Death” Project ! Isn’t a “success business”, it’s another problem that YOU CAN’T SOLVE!

Role Model :

I’m not saying : be someone else ! the way he talk, walk, look or even smell. I guess you heard of something called ” Role Model “, Find your self one, someone who really inspires you ( a doctor, an actor, a Director …). Even i, I have one “James Cameron” The grea director who made Avatar, Titanic, Terminator … I’m Really interested In directing and film making ! maybe it’s gonna be my
Career 😉 .

Little Giant Advice :

Go Find A Life Partner ❤ ! And Here You’ll See My Earlier Proof That I mentioned : You Will Going To Need Her/Him !

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